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The 9 Day
Liver Cleanse

No one is safe from becoming ill. With what we are up against in today’s world and what that’s doing to our bodies, nobody is guaranteed that one day down the road, they won’t develop their first set of symptoms when they least expect it. Chronic illness is growing at an alarming rate. No one is escaping illness, not unless they have the right tools to stop the ticking clock. Join me in this 9 Day Cleanse and learn how, with the right information you can move the needle on your health. 


  • 2 hour presentation and workshop at the Wellness Studio.

  • Comprehensive overview of the 9 Day Liver Cleanse.

  • 30 page hard copy booklet incorporating important information on your Liver Cleanse journey, daily protocols, recipes, shopping list and more.

  • Products provided for 9 day morning cleanse ritual and Heavy Metal Detox Smoothie.

  • Taste testing and demonstration of special daily protocols.

  • Weigh in and recording of body measurements.

  • Access to private group where support, guidance and encouragement from trainer and other participants.

  • Access to trainer support 24/7 during the Cleanse.

  • Follow up review at end of the Cleanse.


*You will require access to a juicer, blender/Nutri bullet







New Dates Coming in 2024!.

Quest Fitness, 203 Belgrave-Hallam Road, Narre Warren North

7.00pm to 9.00pm

 (To be Confrmed)

  • $179.00

Detox Testimonials

Sam J

9 Day Liver Cleanse Done! I feel fantastic! Whilst I haven't weighed myself yet, I do feel lighter. I'm not feeling bloated anymore and I just feel great. I am so happy I did this cleanse, there are recipes that will definitely be added to my cooking menu. I can't imagine not drinking celery juice in the morning, this is a given now. Thank you Sharon for setting the wheels in motion for a "reasonably" ;) healthier lifestyle. I hope everyone else went well too. X

Helen W

Well I’d highly recommend that people try it.  If I can do it then anyone can. I’m not a lover of celery or coriander ( god no ) but I managed to drink it down and it stayed down.  In all honesty though , it’s well worth persevering with the taste ( for me ) because the end result out ways it .  I’m actually drinking 2 cups of celery juice still . I felt so much better having done the cleanse and noticed the I never had my on going bloating issues or indigestion while I was doing the cleanse. I never missed my morning coffee or the sweets I normally crave . I just felt better within myself and it’s kind of hard to explain. I had some issues and pain in my feet that seemed to go away too. I’m sure what the pain was but after day 3 , it was gone. The recipes are pretty good considering I’m a fussy eater and I was able to swap something around . Sharon was always on hand if I needed anything and kept in contact to see how I was going. Oh and I dropped 3 kilos win win.  That in its self was worth it for me because after trying everything possible , I couldn’t drop any kilos. Good luck with it all and you will definitely benefit from it x.

Kathy J

“We (husband and l) have just completed the detox and are feeling really good.  Surprisingly, a bonus my blood pressure has dropped, which l am thrilled about and my husband has lost 6kg !
We are both feeling “lighter” and do not have the bloating heavy feeling in the tummy.  I have also noticed an increase in energy levels.  I would highly recommend giving the process a go, we have certainly picked up on some better food choices and noticed the benefits of not eating processed foods. “

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